Friday, December 9, 2011

Welcome everyone!

Hello everyone!  Welcome to my blog.  I don't know how many of you are out there just yet, but I'm happy to have you!

My name's Mark.  As you'll shortly learn, photography is my passion.  As for what I shoot, the answer is simple.  I shoot everything.  I have done everything from events and weddings, to macro, to time lapses, and a few short HDSLR films.  Photography is what I enjoy doing most, and it's what I'm best at.  Over the course of your time here, you're going to hear about my journeys with my camera, my triumphs, my failures, and everything in between.  You'll see my photos, my videos, and follow me as I progress through wherever this takes me.  I've got quite alot coming up in the coming year.  I hope you'll come along with me!

Thanks for stopping by.  Come back often. :)

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