Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Nikon D600 "sightings"!

With the announcement imminent (within an hour!), websites all over are preparing to offer their preorders of the Nikon D600.


B&H, when you search for D600.  It did the same thing the night before the D800 was announced.
 It's only odd because, if you search any model number BESIDES the one that's coming out tonight, you get something of this sort:
 ..or a simple redirect saying they don't sell the item.

And, Amazon simply lets you know that they are officially introducing the camera, only with a dead link.

Also, when you change the URL on Nikon's official website from a specific camera model, say the D4:

into the D600:'re taken back to the main DSLR lineup page.  Should you change it to something else, though, say the D900:

You are taken to a page with a message that says the page cannot be found.

The D600 page can be found, and we're being redirected.  Prepare yourself.

Check back soon.

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